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The key purpose of VLC (Voluntary Labour Corps) educational program is to actively build a youth support system (15 to 18 years old), especially helping those at risk of being expelled of the education system, experienced with school failures or other difficult life situations, enabling it to create conditions to complete education, acquire professional qualifications and solve psychosocial and educational problems, social difficulties, so that it can get employment and function independently in the social and labor market.

VLC provides basic labor market services such as: job placement, career counseling and active job search education, training organization, labor market programs. This offer is addressed to young people up to the age of 25.

Participation in VLC is one of the ways to get an education and get professional training within the Polish education system.

The VLC participant receives general education fulfilling the schooling obligation or the obligation to study and at the same time undergoes professional training in order to acquire a specific profession. Voluntary Labor Corps provide their participants with the conditions to continue their general and professional education, increase their general and professional qualifications or retraining. The VLC youth are working, and receive monthly pay for work and insurance.

Participants of VLC are trained in occupations required on local labor markets, enabling them to obtain and maintain employment and become independent. The lists of these professions are constantly updated on the basis of statistical data and information from labor offices and conducted analyzes of the labor market demand. The professional education offer at VLC covers approx. 60 professions. The most popular professions chosen by young people are: a cook, a hairdresser, a car mechanic, confectioner, baker, bricklayer-plasterer, painter, carpenter, electrician, locksmith, tailor, upholsterer and others ... Learning at VLC and taking examinations are voluntary and free of charge.
VLC educational care is focused on creating young people comprehensive conditions to acquire social competences enabling social activation and on teaching and shaping the social roles of young people. The process of upbringing is implemented by providing young people with educational, preventive and re-socialization programs as well as other compensatory and socializing ventures aimed at creating socially accepted identity and smothering destructive attitudes, behaviors, habits and habits.

The participant is also covered by educational and professional guidance, aimed at using the profession or qualifications obtained as part of the apprenticeship on the local and provincial labor market.

In addition to the standard VLC educational offer, youth is offered also participation in European youth exchange projects and the opportunity to gain an additional profession or other valuable social abilities and skills in the labor market as part of the EU projects co-financed from the European Social Fund (shortcut in Polish EFS). These are both sending and hosting projects, including, among others:
  • European Union programs (mainly Erasmus +);
  • Visegrad Fund;
  • Polish-German Youth Cooperation (PNWM);
  • other bilateral and multilateral programs and funds.

Voluntary Labor Corps cooperate with local government authorities at all levels (municipal, district, marshal offices), state institutions (education offices, their delegations, courts, police) as well as with non-governmental organizations - associations and foundations dealing with youth issues and with various units subordinate to self-governments local - labor offices, psychological and pedagogical counseling centers, schools of various types, social welfare centers.